Activity for kids at home


Not only good in times of a global pandemic – the time this article is written – a selection for an activity for kids at home. This activities for kids are not meant to be a home gym for kids but fun and games combined with activity. No special equipment needed!

Please instruct and supervise the kids while doing the following activities.

If you have older kids and are looking for an inspiration, here is the Youtube search for Yoga Kids and Gym Kids Home.

Balance on a adhesive tape

The first activity for kids at home is simple. Place adhesive tape on the floor to give your kid a balance challenge. Think about adding a crossing to send your kid through different rooms. Obstacles give extra fun and a physical challenge. Of course the kind of possible obstacles depends on your home.

Activity for kids at home #2: Jumping on one leg

The title says all; this game is about jumping on one leg through your apartment. Play it as a normal race or maybe jump on the adhesive tape from the just introduced game – Balance on a adhesive tape. Needs close supervision depending on the age of the kids!

Place something to pick up on the floor to make it more challenging for older kids.

Duck walk / Crab walk

Hunker down into a squad and start walking. Like a duck.
You can play it as a competition but most likely this game will all about fun and laughing. After all, you will be walking like a duck.

Similar as duck walk but in Crab walk you will walk through your apartment like a crab. How to do that? Walk on your hands and feet with your belly face up.

Turn crab walk into a fun game – check Crab Ball Tag

Activity for kids at home #4: Frog jump

As the title says, in this game your kids (and hopefully you) will be jumping through your house like frogs. And maybe you will quack.

Try to turn this activity into burpees. The parent will be the stork and walk through the house with the frogs following him. If one frog can touch the stork he wins. But the frogs need to go down on the floor to hide from the stork.


This activity is rather simple. Just dance with your kids! It does not matter if you use a video or one of the many dance video games.

Activity for kids at home #6: Crawling

Everyone started moving like this – crawling around. Your kids are most likely out of that age but try crawling together with them.

Let them crawl under something (be careful and instruct!) or behind something and if they can be seen the are captured.

The easiest way to make crawling more fun is to have one adult turn into a human bridge. On all fours. And similar to the famous song – London Bridge is falling down – you can slowly lower the bridge.

Turn into an animal

Maybe you have a costume or make one, even with simple things you have at home. This game depends more as the other suggestions on the kids and might not be suitable for every kid.

Activity for kids at home, a summary

This article aims to provide some easy and fun games to be active at home. You have other ideas for activity for kids at home? Share them with everyone in the comments!

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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