Cops and robbers (including a Russian version)

The cops from the game cops and robbers

Played by many kids around the world in different versions is Cops and robbers. Read here how to play cops and robbers and about a Russian version of the game you might not know yet.

How to play cops and robbers

1.) Split the group of kids into to (if you have uneven number, one kid joins the robbers.
2.) Define the jail and area where the robbers are allowed to hid with big marks (trees or buildings) to make it visual.
3.) Play it as a tag game or let the cops catch the robbers on view depending on the area you are playing in.
4.) Start the game with the cops in the jail and let them count to a certain number while the robbers scatter and hide.
5.) Once a cop catches a robber, the robber has to follow the cop back to the jail.
6.) A robber can be freed from the jail by a simple tag. Once successful the guarding cops have to count to a certain number, before trying to catch them again.
7.) The cops won after they got the last robber. If the cops did not succeed in catching all robbers in a certain time, the robbers won.

This version of cops and robbers teaches basic tracking skills.

Russian version

The above shown version is a general version of the game. There are many variations and ways to adjust the game to your needs, though there is a interesting version coming from Russia.

Basically there is two simple additions to the basic game:
A) The robbers leave marks to show the direction they are went.
B) Before the game starts the robbers agree on a secret word. If the cops can find out this secret word, they won. (of course this “questioning” should only be verbal and within normal behavior!!!)

This version of cops and robbers teaches basic tracking skills and not to reveal secrets.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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