Finland: Crab Ball Tag

Finland: Crab Ball Tag

A game most of us most likely never seen or even heard of Crab Ball Tag. Start moving like a crab and play it in different versions – let´s get started.

– 3 – 20 players
– Enough space (inside or outside) to play the version you choose
– 1 Ball (soft to avoid injuries)

Skills trained:
– Speed
– Reflex
– Focus
– Strategy

Click here to see some videos (Youtube) showing the game in action. Please note that you will find different variations in this list.

A space big enough for the selected number of players to move on all fours.

How to play

The kid throwing the ball has to aim for a certain part of the crabs body. A crab is out if the ball hits below the shoulders and above the waist line (chest and belly).

Goal is to remove all crabs from game.

It is also possible to have the hit crab to be the player to throw the ball. Winning conditions can be many. The crab who was never hit is the winner or the player who hits the most crabs wins. Hint: it is nice to have more winners.

– Play it as soccer. The crabs will have to kick a ball into a designated area to score for their team. This goal area should be big enough to be able to score and defend. One score if the ball of a team hits the floor of the goal area.
– Split up into 2 teams and let every team move the ball from one crab to the other without letting the ball touch the floor. The only rule is that hands need to touch the floor the whole time. You can give points for every successful round or the team who passes the ball fastest wins.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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