Gris: Train observation and reflex skills


Train observation and reflex with the Norwegian game Gris.

– Deck of cards
– Minimum of 3 players

Skills trained:
– Reflex
– Coordination
– Observation

How to play

Players get four cards. Every turn 1 card are being passed simultaneously to the player to the left.

If there are 4 players make sure there are only 4 identical cards like clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades 10.

When a player has 4 same cards (example: 4 times ace) he places a thumb on the table. The player who places his thumb on the table last cannot play in the next round. Remove 4 cards making sure there are still 4 identical cards and start the next round.

The game ends when there are 2 players left.


If you would like to have a single kid win you could set a time limit for the other player to place is thumb on the table.

If you know that game from a different country leave a comment and share your experience.

Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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