Hospital Tag


Play tag games exist in many variations but you should have a closer look at the Hospital Tag game. In this game where you are being touched when tagged matters.

– Minimum of 4 players
– Space to play tag

Skills trained:
– Speed
– Reflex
– Fast thinking
– Strategy

How to play

You might want to set a play-field which is suitable for the age and number of kids. One kid starts to catch others. If that kid catches someone that kid will be the one catching another kid.

But, the new catcher has to cover the spot where he was cached.

Besides speed and reflexes this version of play tag requires fast thinking and strategy. Once a kid notices or thinks it might be cached soon it is a good strategy to get cached at a spot which is not a burden. Then covering your lower back with one hand makes it difficult to catch someone.

As a result the hospital tag adds a fun extra joy to your normal play tag game. Seeing the other try to catch someone while covering a spot should be funny.


A) If a kid was cached it has to cover this spot with a hand. But on the 2nd or 3rd catch (set a limit suitable for your group and location) the kid is wounded too much and is out of the game.

B) Once cached the kid needs to lay/sit down (if the location is suitable) and another kid cached by that kid will need to do the same. This makes your play-field smaller and adds some strategical difficulty.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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