Kid TV-Shows on YouTube kids in different languages

Kid TV Shows on YouTube Kids

We introduced the app YouTube kids and the advantages in this article. Read on this page how to find famous TV-Shows in your desired language for kids using the app.

While you are able to use a link to navigate directly to a channel this is not possible within an app. Therefore use these search words.

Find 5 well known kids TV-Shows

Here is a list of 5 well known kids TV-Shows with a short description and the languages we checked for you in the YouTube kids app.

1. Peppa Pig: Short episodes of the little Peppa Pig who lives with her little brother, mother and dad.  Link to official site.

Search for Peppa Pig + 

English Spanish French
Italian German Arabic
Hindi Chinese Japanese

2. Trotro: A little donkey who lives with his parents and explores the world with his family and friends.

Search for Trotro + 

English Spanish French
Italiano German Arabic
Hindi   Japanese

3. Miffy: This world known little female rabbit can be watched in the following languages. Link to official site.

Search for Miffy + 

English   French
Italian German  

4. Calliou:  Together with his parents and little sister this 4 year old boy explores different adventures. Link to official site.

Search for Calliou + 

English Spanish French
Italian German Arabic


5. Curious George:  This little monkey explores the world together with friends and the man with the yellow hat. Link to official site.

Search for Curious George + 

English Spanish Francais
Italiano Deutsch  

Search for local TV-Shows in the country/language of your choice or explore the suggested videos to find more and more importantly something new!

If you are using kids TV-Shows in different languages for the purpose of learning a language  keep in mind that you will not only find professional videos on YouTube. Don´t let your kids watch alone! If you find a video or a channel you wish your kid not watch simply block.

We introduced apps to learn a language here or play hangman and practice vocabulary of 16 languages.

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