Kubb, a viking game to play with your kids?

Kubb played by Vikings

Some believe that the old Swedish game Kubb was already played by the Vikings but some doubt this as the game was first mentioned in 1911 in the Swedish Encyclopedia.

But what is Kubb?

Kubb is a traditional Scandinavian outdoor game played with wooden sticks and trains throwing skills. It spread from scandinavia to many european countries as well as the USA. The actual game is not suitable for kids and should not be played inside the house. We are going to introduce a simpliefied kids friendly version which can also be played inside the house.

Kubb how to play

(Source: Wikipedia)

The kids friendly version of Kubb

1) You will need two teams with the same number of kids.
2) Prepare 2 – 5 square shaped poles (Kubb), the younger the kids the less Kubbs should be used, and 2 round shaped poles (Kastpinnar). It is important, that the Kubb can be placed upright. Use strong paper or paperboard, adjust the material to where you play and use a light paper to make the Kubbs and Kastpinnar if you play inside your house.
3) Place the Kubbs on the basline of your rectangle shaped game-field.
4) One team starts and then by turns every kids has one attempt to knock down the opponents team Kubbs with his Kastpinnar. If there are still Kubbs standing after one round, start a second round.
5) The team who knocks down the opponents Kubbs first wins.

Having a older kids? Go for the more challenging version!

For older kids; place a slightly taller sqaure shaped pole (The King) in the middle. The team who knocked down all Kubbs first will then need to knock down the king as well. But, if the King is knocked down before a team has knocked down all the opponents Kubbs the team lost the game.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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