Overview: Worldwide variations of Play Tag


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Maybe play tag goes back till stone age where kids played it. We cannot be sure. What we do know is that is one of the most often played games by kids all over the world. Read more about how play tag is played in different variations all over the world.

Italy: Fruit-eating wolf

Only the kid which fruit was called has to run away. Great combination of play tag and memory training.
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Finland: Crab Ball Tag

Played with a ball but we would like to categorize it as a play tag game. Only hit at a certain part of your body means it is your turn.
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Japan: Cross demon

There is a only a marked cross where the demon is allowed to walk and tag the others. Very interesting and strategical.
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Germany: Der Plumpsack geht um

Drop a bag behind someone, hope this was not noticed and run one round. Easy but fun game.
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France: Poule, Renard et Vipère

Maybe the most unusual play tag games. Three teams where you can tag members from one and be tagged by members from the other team.
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Russia: Cops and Robbers

Play and tag game with the variation to add marks showing the way to their hideout and a secret password to give the cops an instant win.
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Switzerland: Hospital tag

It matters where on your body you will be tagged.
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Germany: Armer Schwarzer Kater / Poor black cat

If you don´t laugh you are safe and will never be the poor black cat.
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Nort&South America: What is the time Mr./Ms. Wolf?

Add a strategical component to the normal play tag game. You better run if the wolf says it is time to eat.
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