Pick your team with “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Pick a team with Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is a variation – coming from Japan – of the worldwide known game Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to pick teams.

Game purpose

The game itself can be fun, but the purpose is simple and clear – to pick games in kindergarten, school or whatever occasion. Usually this is done by someone picking team member one after each other. Who starts is decided by luck or some kind of a small game. However, how about fully random teams? No kid has to be the last one picked!

No kid has to be the last one picked!

The rules

The rules are simple; for this game, we use the rock and paper of the well-known rock, paper, scissors game. As always; closed hand stand for rock and the open hand for paper.

Instead of “rock, paper, scissors” everbody says: “rock – paper” and shows his decision (rock or paper) after “paper” is said. Everybody with “rock” is in one team and “paper” makes the second team.


Of course, the more kids the less likely you will get an even number to fill two teams. In that case, you can simply start again or split the team making process. Let´s say there are 10 kids and you need two teams but you have 6 times rock and 4 times paper. The first (from left to right) four of rock make one team and the kids with paper the other. Now the remaining two kids have to do the game again.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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