Australia: Least effort wins

Game Least Effort Wins

The idea for this game came from Australia and you will find different variations here. Imagine the surprise; the loser can be the winner.

– Depends on chosen game

Skills trained:
– Ability to deal with surprise
– Creativity

– Depends on chosen game

How to play

Let´s say you play a normal race. Normally the fasted kid would win. If you play it as Least effort wins, the kid who showed the least effort wins. But it is important to try, to show effort. Just standing there and assume that would be the least effort is not goal.

The first time will be a surprise but after that the kids will need to use their creativity.

While it needs a judge to decide who showed the least effort the key goal of this game is fun. Another situation where you want to use this game is to protect a kid who is bad in game. Give it a switch and introduce Least effort wins.

– Play dress-up
– Hide and seek
– Play tag

Least effort wins is a game approach with many variations but the fun and success depends also on the situation.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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