Der Plumpsack geht um – German play tag game


This German play tag game only requires space to run around the participating kids. The required thing to drop can be everything which makes less to now sound when dropped.

Plumpsack = A bag which gives a muffled sound when hitting the floor.

– Enough space to run around the in a circle sitting kids
– 1 Plumpsack (handkerchief or other soft thing)
– At least 7 kids (the more kids the better)

Skills trained:
– Speed
– Reflex
– Strategical thinking

How to play

The kids are sitting in a circle. One kid who is starting to be the Plumpsack is walking outside the circle. All kids sing:

Dreht euch nicht um, den der Plumpsack geht um.
Wer sich umdreht oder lacht, kriegt den Buckel voll gemacht.

Don´t turn around the Plumpsack is going around.
Who is laughing or turning around is getting one on the back.

The kid acting as the Plumpsack let´s the Plumpsack drop behind the back of another kid. It would be good if that is not noticed – at least immediately. Now the kid should walk/run in the same direction. The kid with the Plumpsack behind his needs to grab it and try to catch (a simple touch is enough) the other kid. If the former Kid who was playing the Plumpsack is reaching the now free spot before captured it can sit down and the other kid is the Plumpsack.

Should the kid with the Plumpsack behind his back not noticing it and the other kid completes one full circle it knocks on the back of that kid and says:

1, 2, 3 faules Ei.

1, 2, 3 lazy egg.

That kid now will be the Plumpsack. There is also a version where the kid which did not notice the Plumpsack behind his back needs to sit in the middle till someone else did not notice the Plumpsack. This version might not be suitable for all groups!

Of course, if the Plumpsack is captured before he completes the full circle, he will need to try it again with another kid.

If you know that game from a different country leave a comment and share your experience.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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