Italy: Fruit-eating wolf

Fruit-Eating Wolf - Italian Game

The Italian game Lupo mangia-frutta combines a normal play tag game with a short memory training.

– 3 – 15 players
– Enough space (outside)

Skills trained:
– Speed
– Reflex
– Memory

Make sure there is enough space for the kids to play the game.
One kid will need to start as the wolf.
The kids who are not the wolf need to think about a fruit they want to be. Just one unique fruit for each kid.

How to play

The kids line up in front of the wolf and tell him one after each other which fruit they are. After all the kids told the wolf what fruit they are the game goes like this:

Wolf: “Toc, Toc” (onomatopoeia for knocking)
Kids: “Who is it?”
Wolf: “I am the fruit-eating wolf!”
Kids: “What fruit do you eat?”

Then the goal of the wolf is to catch the kid/fruit he just named. As for the kid it has to reach a the house before caught by the wolf. Distance to this house should be the same for the wolf and the named fruit/kid.

– To make it easier for the wolf the starting point for the wolf is between the house and named fruit.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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