Umul gonu // Pong Hau K’I – Strategic game from Asian

Umul gonu / Pong Hau K’I Game board

This simple Asian strategic game is known in Korea as Umul gonu or Pong Hau K’I in China. Though it´s known and played under different names in other countries.

Introduction and rules

It is often considered a board game but basically you can play it everywhere – you will need paper, pen and 4 tokens (any small thing will be ok). If you don´t have paper and pen to your disposal use something else to mark your board … your fantasy is the limit.

“Block your opponents tokens!”

You will need:
1 Paper
1 Pen
4 Tokens (small things will do)

1. Draw your Umul gonu / Pong Hau K’I game board

Create your Umul gonu / Pong Hau K’I game board in a rectangle shape and leave one side open/empty. For an example of how your game board can look like and the first moves, please have a look at the gallery at the end.

2. Set the stones in the start position

Please place the stones as shown in the example below. You will notice that the open side of the rectangle is between the two tokens of one player but the tokens can be placed in any position. This will not affect the game-play as blocking your opponent with your first move is not against the rules.

3. Move your stones in turns

Start the game and follow some simple rules. One player start moving a token along the lines. Don´t block your opponent with your first move. . Every player needs to move fast – set your own time rule to fit the age of the players.

4. Win by blocking your opponents tokens

The player who blocks the tokens of his opponent wins.

A great game which requires not much to have fun outside/inside – and trains important skills for your kids: fast reaction and thinking as well as strategy.

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Have fun playing the game – and don´t forget: Play with your kids!

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