Manage the mobile experience of your kid

Kid playing with tablet

Using a smartphone or tablet is part of nowadays kids. Of course this can´t be always for learning purpose with the parents. Let your kids play with the new technology – but manage their experience and don´t let them alone. Parental controls don´t need to be a bad thing!

Apple devices

For Apple devices you can manage the usage of your kids smartphone/tablet via an Apple ID you will need to create for your kid. You will also be able to manage the usable Apps and content of your kids device via parental controls. Beside the content category you will be able to set the age rating. The content of iTunes can be managed via these settings. If you wonder how to restrict purchase – definitly check the link for the creation of the Apple ID we just gave you.

Google devices

Also Google provides the owner of Android devices tools to manage the content and the usage for the devices of their kids. First let´s start with the parental controls which allow you to manage the content to download/buy. Necessary for every parents whose kid are using a smartphone/tablet is the function to password protect purchase – read here to how protect yourself from costly surprises.

A great example why parental controls don´t need to be bad gives google with the function to manage up to 5 accounts of your familiy. You can manage and approve the purchases and download. With the creation of a family payment, your family can use this payment method to make purchase which will be sent to you. Also approval can be set for each family member, just in case someone spent too much.


It does not matter if you use a Apple or Android device, there are ways to manage the experience of your kid and save you from costly surprises. Parental controls, used in wisely, is a good and necessary part of your kids mobile experience and education.

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